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Watch more than 5000 TV channels, 25,000 movies and senior channels for free from your servers

Hello and welcome to our dear visitors, to a new article in which I am participating in a site that is not very popular. We can get IPTV Extream codes for free without paying a single cent

It is now becoming possible to get a very long-term IPTV server that includes a huge number of channels in the simplest way and this method is completely legal This service enables us to benefit from the free trial, which reaches for a period of only two days, but the beautiful thing is when the two days elapse, we can register with another mail and get an additional subscription, which is two more days, and so is the nature of the matter to register The beautiful thing about those servers that the site gives is that the number of channels is very large, as the number reaches 5000 TV channels and can be viewed in different quality according to the speed of the Internet available to you, and the server has terrible stability as the broadcast quality is very stable

At first, you go to the site and you will find in front of you the registration plate that fills in yourdata and is not necessary for the original data. You can use fake email to get subscriptions. After registration, you will go to the login panel, and here are the pictures explaining everything

Now the second step
In front of us we will find the interface of the website, and in order to create an Extreme code, we will click on the manage option as shown in the picture

Here you will see four packages, you have several subscriptions, all starting from two dollars and the highest price is twenty dollars The first package contains iptv channels only The second package contains Iptv channels + 33,000 films The third package contains all international channels in addition to major channels The fourth package contains all international channels + movies + senior channels We will only pick two days which is at zero dollars And we will click on Generate Line

Now the site will create your own Extreme server consisting of a server, port, user name and password

If you want to download the server, you can click on the gear icon and then choose Download Link

When downloading an iptv file, be sure to choose the encoder shown in the image
After choosing that encoder, make copies of the link so that you can watch all channels without problems

To play the iptv file for computers, I advise you to download the vlc application, which is the leading application in this field But if you are a user of Android phones, I recommend you to apply the free iptv app on Google Play