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Simba TV to watch international channels for free

 Simba application to watch Arab and international channels for free

This application works with an activation code and this activation works for limited periods only and according to what is written in the application that the code period is 26 months, but we do not know the real time for the end of the server

The application contains three sections, the first of which is the live broadcast section, the second for films and the third for series, and each section contains different contents

Live section*

The number of available application channels is more than 4000 TV channels

The first one is the best 100 channels, including MBC channels and Emirati and Saudi channels

After that, the division of the Arab countries begins: (Saudi Arabia - Emirates - Kuwait - Somalia - Yemen - Qatar - Oman - Libya - Palestine - Egypt)

Cinema: Here we will find the channels of the best cinema packages such as Fox, HBO, Action Cinema channels, Comedy packages, Horror channels, Drama channels and Sky channels

Documentary channels

Sports channels, including channels between sports with different servers + Arab and foreign sports channels that you will only get through the application

Musical channels

Kids channels

Senior channels

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